You must be at least 18 years old.

Behavioral health technicians work in various settings including adult or juvenile residential settings, hospitals, activity centers, juvenile detention centers, or in a person’s home.

Starting pay is usually around $11 per hour but this can be higher depending on your experience.

The type of training may vary but CPR, First Aid, Nurse Aide, Med Aid certification, or nonviolent intervention courses can be offered.

Most agencies have entry level positions that do not require any special experience, but if you have experience you may be eligible for higher pay.

Because hospitals and other facilities provide 24-hour care, technicians may be required to work nights, weekends and holidays. They may work full or part time.

You can express a preference to work with a certain population, such as children or adults, but this also depends on the organization that hires you, as some only work with certain populations, and some only have certain settings. For example, a group home may serve adolescents, interacting with other staff members, while clients in an adult program may live in their own apartment. In this type of setting, you would need to be self-motivated and comfortable working without supervision.